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Meredith Winter

Pet Nutritionist

Meredith is a multi-certified nutritionist specializing in diet formulation and analysis. Her experience in pet retail has helped her work with owners to find healthy & balanced solutions for all kinds of pets— from puppies to picky eaters to those suffering from illnesses & allergies.

Meredith approaches each consultation on an individual basis, paying close attention to the pet’s preferences and needs (as well as the owner’s!). She finds that her

pending degree in secondary education is useful in answering questions and guiding pet parents on the journey towards companion animal health.

Meredith is currently taking on clients looking for raw or cooked diet formulations that they can prepare at home, as well as recipe analysis consultations. She believes a healthy, species-appropriate diet is the foundation for companion animal’s health and longevity. Meredith is eager to connect with new clients and their furry friends and become a resource for wellbeing!


Meredith Winter
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