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Healing Your Dog's Gut Microbiome eBook

You are one step away from changing your dog's life for the better.

Say goodbye to damaging inflammation, cancer causing toxins, and chronic infections that plague over half of our dogs. Award-winning pet nutritionist, Samantha Henson, guides you through her proven process to finally heal your dog for good.

Healing Your Dog's Gut Microbiome eBook

  • What's Inside:

    ~Discover why your dog and so many others are struggling today

    ~Learn the right way to feed your dog

    ~Get the inside scoop on the pet industry and how dog food is made

    ~Understand how your dog's gut works and what you can do to support it


    .......and SO much more!



    Easy to read Infographics!


    ~Checklist of gut harming ingredients to watch out for in pet foods

    ~ Day-by-day chart of how to transition your dog to a new food 

    ~List of healthy probiotic strains + digestive enzymes

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