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Don't just take it from us, hear what our customers have said!


Mia + Ally R

I came to Samantha for my English Cocker puppy, Mia. After days in the Emergency vet with what they suspected to be pancreatitis, Mia's condition was worse than ever and I was terrified. I was ready to start cooking for Mia but had no idea where to start.


Samantha went above and beyond to calm my nerves and answer all of my questions after the consultation and support us through the transition. She was able to identify the root cause of the issue and now, a little less than a year later, Mia has had no health issues since following Samantha's guidance.


I would highly recommend her and Next Generation Pet Wellness!

tetley potw_edited.jpg

Tetley + Karen S

Amanda is fabulous and has surpassed my expectations...I SO TRUST HER which is huge and I am so comforted to have found nutritional guidance through this professional resource.


My Min Pin is really my child and I super stress about his care and well-being. Having Amanda to consult with has provided such peace of mind. Amanda just "gets it", she listens and understands our needs and concerns...she is knowledgeable, patient and always prepared, which is not a given.


I look forward to working with her throughout the years, keeping Tetley happy, healthy, safe, strong and well!

Lauren's Cat Paisley_edited.jpg

Pip, Paisley, + Lauren P

I had the best call with Abby! She was so kind and considerate when I spoke with her!


I had some concerns about my cat's diet as they grow from kittens into adults, and she gave me great recommendations while still being conscious of finances. She was so knowledgeable, but also made me feel like I was talking to a friend.


Piper and Paisley  are going to be so happy and healthy!

Mila POW.jpeg

Mila + Kerri P

Mila is a 10 year old lab full of personality and sass.  We realized that Mila wasn’t feeling well when she wouldn’t eat and she had an accident over night. We were shocked to find out that Mila not only has kidney disease, but is in kidney failure. She did daily “hospital” stays on IV.


Mila has always been a picky eater so she would not eat the special kidney food that the vet gave us or the fresh kidney diet food from a company. We were making her food ourselves, but it was not tailored to her.


Our Vet recommended that we find a pet nutritionist to help with a recipe for Mila. We quickly went online and found NGPW. After combing through reviews we decided to go with them and Meredith has been so amazing to work with! She got us a recipe fast.


Mila is doing great! She has a ton of energy and is her normal self. In the beginning of January [2022] they gave us only a few weeks because her numbers shot up so high. Today [April 2022], her numbers are going down and our Vet is pleasantly surprised and happy with her treatment so far.


We are so thankful to Meredith for her hard work and help!!

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