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Samantha Henson + NGPW Win "The Best of Petworks" Award for the Second Year in a Row!

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

We are so happy to announce that our team has been honored with this award! Samantha is named among a list of other wonderful pet care providers on the Petworks site. The recipients for 2021 were selected for a few reasons:

  • Their responsiveness to pet parents

  • Successful bookings

  • (Most importantly) their commitment to happy customers via the Petworks platform

Samantha's take on winning back to back:

"To say I'm honored to receive this award again is an understatement. My team and I were able to help thousands of pets last year and moments like this help me realize that we're on the right path. I'll never get over how truly awesome our clients are and how attached we become to the pets we help. For all those who voted for us, sent us good vibes, or are rooting for us in the background, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Samantha has been listed on Petworks for 2 years now as a nutrition consultant. Out of 5,300+ national pet professionals, she was celebrated on the Best of 2021 list. This means that Samantha and the other winners in 40 the different pet care categories, were top 2%!

Click link to view full list of winners on Petworks site:

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