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Personalized Recipes

3 basic diet styles, endless customization for your individual pet



Easy, healthy way to boost your pet's kibble.

Affordable | Fool-Proof | Convenient

For Beginner Pet Parents


Fresh Cooked

Go-to pet food option for everyone. Highly recommended for pets with allergies or chronic illness.

Healthy | Long Term | Most Popular

For Beginner + Intermediate Pet Parents



The most natural diet you can feed your pet. The "golden standard" of nutrition.

Unique Ingredients | Stimulating 

For Intermediate + Advanced Pet Parents

Our recipe meets everyone's needs

Your Needs
Your Pet's Needs
Your Vet's Needs
Easy to read, step by step instructions
Exceptional flavor
Made to AAFCO Standards
Batch sizes how you need them ( weekly, bi weekly, monthly)
High quality ingredients
Formulated by certified pet nutritionists
Ingredients available in your local grocery store (or online)
Complete, balanced nutrition
Safe for pet's health conditions
Tailored to your budget
Drool-worthy smells
Full, nutritional information available upon request
Matches you lifestyle and cooking habits
Supports their activity level
A biologically appropriate, long-term diet

Delivered by email

Picky eater friendly 

1 Week Turnaround

We fit the recipe to your pet, not the pet to a recipe. Check out these real recipes from past patients! 

a balanced, home cooked recipe for the average healthy pup

Vals balanced recipe.png

Crafted with care + backed by science to help address chronic issues 

Carly’s Renal & Pancreatitis Recipe TIPS Batches can be cut in half to start, doubled, or

a safe + tasty  recipe for pets with special health needs

Personalized Recipes are for:

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