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What is a pet nutritionist?

A pet nutritionist is a professional certified in animal nutrition from a reputable institution. Like a "human" dietician we counsel our patients on proper nutrition, help manage health conditions through diet, and create healthy recipes.

Our founder, Samantha Henson, attended the Academy of Natural Health Sciences for their Clinical Pet Nutrition program. This extensive program provides 1,000 hours of education in pet nutrition. All of our pet nutritionists are trained and certified, but we constantly continue to research more because it's what we love to do.  

A pet nutritionist differs from a veterinary nutritionist because they did not attend veterinary school. The average small animal veterinarian takes a class or two in nutrition unless they decide to specialize in it.

Who do pet nutritionists help?

  • Puppies and kittens whose owners want to start them on a great diet

  • Pets that have been

    • on antibiotics (especially when young)

    •  spayed or neutered before they finished growing

  • Pets that exhibit signs of allergies/sensitivities (i.e. itching, licking, excessive shedding, bald patches, tear staining)

  • Pets with stomach issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and nausea

  • Pets with: cancer, diabetes, renal failure bladder issues (stones, crystals, UTIs, etc.)

  • Pets who need to lose weight

  • Any senior pet

What happens in a nutrition consultation?




You're the expert on your pet and we want to hear every detail about them (yes, even stuff about poop + gas!).


Here we discover your nutrition troubles and goals, like:

  • weight loss

  • tackling allergies

  • managing chronic health issues

  • dealing with picky eaters

  • optimizing their diet


Welcome to nutrition 101, we teach how to best feed and care for your pet. This is when you can get every question you have answered.

Learn things like:

  • the importance of the gut microbiome

  • foods that inflame and foods that calm

  • how to read nutrition labels






We build a nutrition plan tailored to your pet + lifestyle. We will tell you how to address your pet's troubles and how to reach their nutrition goals.



This includes suggestions like:

  • feed switches

  • adding supplements or probiotics

  • taking out certain foods

  • changing feeding frequency or quantity

  • allergy testing

  • going to the vet

  • product recommendations


You will leave your appointment feeling ready to tackle your pets diet with confidence, knowledge, and tools.


Get ready to see your pet at their very best!



* If you would like additional support on your pets nutrition journey, feel free to book a follow-up call!




How the booking process works:

  • Click the "book now" button to choose your appointment, nutritionist, and time.

  • You will receive a confirmation text once your appointment has been accepted by the nutritionist.

  • You will receive an invoice via email which must be completed before your appointment time.

  • Let us know your preferred method of contact (phone or video chat) and we will reach out to you at your appointment time. 

  • Please note we have a late policy and a cancellation policy

30 MINUTES $90 | HOUR $160
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