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Business Meeting

Professional Consulting Services

Ready to launch your pet company? Looking for help formulating your next product? Next Generation Pet Wellness offers professional pet industry consulting services. 

Samantha Henson partners with new or established brands to create safe, balanced, and biologically appropriate pet products. Our specialty is fresh pet food, though we can develop winning formulas for exotics, pocket pets, and more. 

All of Samantha's work with clients is driven by our passion to help pet parents create better lives for their pets. We believe that no matter where you position yourself in the market, you can deliver the high-quality nutrition that pets deserve.

In your initial consultation, Samantha will give you an honest, insightful take on how to navigate the pet industry and will share her endless knowledge of animal care. Our goal is to meet your business needs while always staying true to what's best for pets.

Are we the right fit? Reach out to learn more and get connected  - we promise we don't bite!

Professional expertise and guidance in...

Recipe Formulation

Original, scientifically calculated recipes for commercial use. 

  • Pet Food (fresh, raw, dehydrated, air dried, freeze-dried, baked)

  • Pet Treats

  • Pet Supplements

  • Pet Probiotics

  • Pet Food Toppers

  • Bone Broths

  • Pet Chews

  • CBD Oil

fresh dog food meatballs

Labeling + Packaging

Professional packaging can be a daunting task for a start up. Learn how to avoid making drug claims, what HAS to be included on pet food labels, what you can and cannot claim, and how to stand out from the pack. 

Lamb Dog Food_edited.jpg

Consumer Preferences and Market Trends

Stay competitive. We know what consumers want and pet's need. Find out what you need and what you don't!

  • Picky eater friendly?​

  • Superfood ingredients?

  • Human-grade?

  • Sustainably sourced?

  • Organic?

  • Non GMO?

  • Anti-Inflammatory?

Dog Accessories


A trusted brand nutritionist is someone who can speak in depth about your products, speak at events, be featured in social media content, website content, videos, provide blog posts, and many other perks.   


Feeding Trials + Lab Testing

We can help with

  • Conducting feeding trials​

  • Setting up lab accounts for proximate analysis

  • Pathogen testing

  • Shelf life studies

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