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Our Mission:

Positively Impact
1 Million Pets

We're getting there, we are currently in the tens of thousands!

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Image by Jordan Whitt
A Message from our founder, Samantha Henson

Hi! I'm Samantha, founder of Next Generation Pet Wellness​, clinical pet nutritionist, and pet nutrition specialist.

I have spent the last 13 years dedicating my life to the health and wellness of animals and I can truly say that I love what I do. I have helped thousands of cats and dogs live their happiest and healthiest lives through proper, biologically appropriate nutrition, supplementation, and exercise. I give pet owners the tools and education they need to help their furry family members. 

I started Next Generation Pet Wellness as a way for people to get unbiased information about pet nutrition. It’s so difficult for pet owners to research online, or even in a store, and not feel overwhelmed by all the choices. I don’t sugar coat things, and because I’m not tied to any specific brand of food, I can be completely honest and remain impartial.

You may be wondering if you would ever need a pet nutritionist or know someone who might. I see dogs and cats (and other pets) from every walk of life and every budget.

- Samantha Henson
Our Mission

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan

We service pet parents worldwide!


Our  home office in downtown GR

Our Values

Our Promise

We value science and the ever changing world of nutritional research. Information has certainly changed since the veterinary text books of the 60's and as a practice, we are never done learning (and un-learning) all things pet nutrition.
Up-to-date pet nutrition advice...that is our promise. 

Our Values




Results Driven


Our Promise

Meet Our Team

We are proud to be a 100% women-owned and led business. Get to know our wonderful team of talented, experienced pet nutritionists.
Our Team
Samantha Henson Pet Nutritionist

Samantha Henson
Founder, CPN

A pioneer in the personalized pet nutrition space, Samantha Henson is the award-winning clinical pet nutritionist and founder of Next Generation Pet Wellness. She started her career as the CPN for Premier Pet, before moving on to start NGPW in 2017. Driven by a mission to help positively impact one million pets, Samantha is best known for inspiring pet owners everywhere to better care for their companions.

When Samantha isn't living and breathing all things pet nutrition, she's at home spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and a zoo's worth of beloved pets! 

Education + Certifications

Grand Valley State University:

Bachelors in Biology

Bachelors in Zoology

DNM University: Pet Food Nutrition Specialist 

Animal Behavior College for Veterinary Technology

Academy of Natural Health Sciences: Clinical Pet Nutritionist

Best of Petworks Winner 2020

Best of Petworks Winner 2021

Best of Petworks Winner 2022

Pet Food Innovator of the Year 2018

Grand Rapids "40 under 40"  Nominee 2021

Grand Rapids "40 under 40" Nominee 2022

Abby Ignagni

Abby is a Certified Pet Nutritionist of 8 years. She is currently working to obtain her 9th certification in pet nutrition. She has been in the pet industry for 10 years and loves every minute of it.

Abby’s specialty is working with the “average joe” of pet parents. She loves to work with beginners who are just getting started in this world of pet nutrition. Her passion is educating and creating the perfect plan for your pets: one that works for your lifestyle and your budget. We all want happy healthy pets!

Abby has worked with pets with allergies, chronic ear infections, over/under weight, sensitive tummy’s, picky eaters, as well as major health issues.

Education + Certifications

Vet Bloom: Current Student

AAHA Diabetes Educator Certificate Program

The Science Dog Master Program:

Basics of Canine Nutrition

Puppies to Seniors: Feeding Dogs through the Life Cycle


Academy of Natural Health Sciences:

Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist

Certified Dog Nutritionist

Certified Feline Nutritionist

Dog Food Smarts: Making, Marketing & Safety of Food for Dogs

Dogs Naturally Magazine: Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist: Current Student

Animal Behavior College:

Certified Dog Trainer

Certified Pet Nutritionist

Abby Ignagni Pet Nutritionist
Meredith Winter Pet Nutritionist

Meredith Winter

Meredith is a multi-certified nutritionist specializing in diet formulation and analysis. Her experience in pet retail has helped her work with owners to find healthy & balanced solutions for all kinds of pets— from puppies to picky eaters to those suffering from illnesses & allergies.


Meredith approaches each consultation on an individual basis, paying close attention to the pet’s preferences and needs (as well as the owner’s!). She finds that her pending degree in secondary education is useful in answering questions and guiding pet parents on the journey towards companion animal health.


Meredith is currently taking on clients looking for raw or cooked diet formulations that they can prepare at home, as well as recipe analysis consultations. She believes a healthy, species-appropriate diet is the foundation for companion animal’s health and longevity. Meredith is eager to connect with new clients and their furry friends and become a resource for wellbeing!

Education + Certifications

Wayne State University:

Current Student

B.S in Secondary Education

Minor in Biology

Certification in:

Canine Nutrition

Canine Diet Formulation

Companion Animal Services Institute: Current student

Amanda Jessup - Eccepting New Patients!

Amanda is a canine and feline nutritionist certified through the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. She has worked in the pet industry for ten years and has helped thousands of dogs and cats with illnesses such as allergies, digestive disorders, chronic infections, kidney disease, and other major health problems.


She also works with large and giant breed puppies, ensuring they have the proper diet and supplements for healthy growth and development.  She enjoys working with the anxious pet parent to ensure the diet of their companion has the proper formulations and supplementations for their individual needs.


Her passion is educating pet parents and giving them the tools they need to keep their companions happy and healthy. 

Amanda lives in metro Detroit with her two dogs and four cats. Her hobbies include painting, hiking, camping, and gardening.

Education + Certifications

Academy of Natural Health Sciences

Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist

Certified Dog Nutritionist

Certified Feline Nutritionist

Amanda Jessup Pet Nutritionist
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